Setting up

The ACCACIA field campaign is now officially underway, with two of the three teams in the field, and the rest of us heading out tomorrow. The surface team, on the RV Lance, sailed from Tromsø on Friday. After finishing their set up of instrumentation while underway they are now almost fully operational, and did their first CTD cast this morning. The one thing that isn’t working is the aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) which has developed a faulty power supply board. We plan on delivering a spare to Longyearbyen on Wednesday (if all goes well) for them to collect on Thursday. Meanwhile they will make their way to the ice edge for another CTD cast tomorrow morning.

While the team on the Lance settle into their measurement routine, the MASIN aircraft team are getting the aircraft ready. The Twin Otter arrived in Longyearbyen yesterday, and today the instrumentation racks – which had been shipped to Longyearbyen some time ago – are being installed.

BAS Twin Otter

The BAS Twin Otter being fitted out this morning at Longyearbyen airport.

BAS Twin Otter

The view along the runway

The MASIN team have some office space at Longyearbyen airport to use as an operations room when not working on the aircraft. Somewhere warm to retreat to, and to carry out any maintenance that is necessary on instrumentation.

MASIN Ops room

The MASIN team’s operations room, with (from left to right); Amelie, Tom, Russ, and Alex.

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