News from the high seas

While we’ve been focused primarily on clouds, the other half of the ACCACIA field campaign is going on at sea, on the RRS James Clark Ross. The latest news from the JCR is that everything is working well. The ICE-ACCACIA team from Leeds have made 5 deployments of the surface micro-layer sampler, and are seeing interesting results on ice nucleating material collected from ocean surface. The aerosol team from Manchester are doing OK, but lacking very much to measure – the marine BL around the ice edge is very clean. Only the biologists are not getting much – there’s not much going on in the ocean surface layer so far.

There has been some larger-scale biology though – to the delight of all on the ship (and the envy of all of us in Longyearbyen) they had a close encounter with a polar bear. Lucy sent the photo below.

polar bear

Polar bear about 50m from the James Clark Ross. Off the SE coast of Greenland

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